Sunday, October 14, 2007

generation gap on facebook

I made an observation in my last post - "The 25+ browse more but participate less while 16-25 engage facebook using it as their predominant social communication and entertainment tool." purely based on what I saw around me and on facebook.

Today it was validated by the mighty NY Times. "To some extent, a generation gap is already apparent in the Facebook population, said Mr. Shirky, of N.Y.U. Younger people will use it more naturally and differently than older folks, who for the most part will see a Facebook page as something like the dreaded Christmas letter, with its prosaic updates on one’s life events, and less the sense of “living your social life online, hammer and tongs,” the way younger people tend to.

That is only natural, he said, because “People our age are going to find uses for the tool that have to do with the maintenance of life already in process, rather than making one up out of whole cloth” — in part, he added, because “our social lives are more boring.” And that, he said, is only logical: “We’ve made the mistakes we’re going to make, God willing, and we’ve settled down.”

What driving this.. peer pressure, word of mouth, gossip, curiosity etc. Amazing that the percentage of active members who are over 25 years old and out of school has risen to some 40 percent of the overall population of about 45 million on facebook. And many of them signed up to check it out and willing to hang out.. nice!!

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