Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The buzz just got intense. Google Open Social, Facebook SocialAds

Three things happened this week. and the impact of those three rumors/ announcements might be so huge that it has the potential to change technology landscape will change for the next few years. Of course, it is possible that might not happen (remember Google Base) or it might take years before it makes an impact (remember wikipedia).

So they are..

Firstly Google will launch OpenSocial platform tomorrow. Nobody else can cover the technology impact of the announcement better than Marc Andreessen.

Secondly, Facebook plans to launch Social Ads. I believe this is a powerful idea, an idea which I myself have toyed with, so I guess I am biased. But I do believe this is one of those ideas which will have impact on advertisement payoffs, better targeting and even change the perception users have towards ads. If the ads become personal, more relevant and useful, I will not be so averse to them.

Thirdly, Google planning to work with Verizon (and/or Sprint) to be their search engine. I bet by next year, they would be their mobile OS as well.

Now thats a lot of news on several fronts. That also means that we are finally in those bubbly and feel good years for technology companies after years of dullness. and its not bad. Because technology and developers thrive on emotion. Its easy to get motivated when the market is strong and everyone can dream of riches ahead. Thats when the most risk is taken and thats when ideas even from small guys get experimented with.

But coming back the theme, what is this all about. Is it about "Do no evil"? Or is it about dominating technology headlines. Besides both of the above, it is mostly about being able to "own the data" that will lead to "better targeted advertising" in consumer world and "better customer leads" in enterprise world. That is the real treasure that Facebook/Microsoft and Google are fighting over.

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