Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adsense now streaming videos!!

Just learnt this from Adsense group mails I subscribe to..

...AdSense isn't just for ads anymore; it's also a place to get video
content for your site -- and earn extra revenue at the same time.We're
excited about the launch of video units -- a new way to enrich your
site with quality, relevant video content in an embedded, customizable
player. Simply embed a snippet of code and have relevant YouTube
partner content streamed to your site. You can choose categories of
video to target to your site, select content from individual YouTube
partners, or have video automatically targeted to your site content.
Companion and text overlay ads are relevant and non-intrusive. To
further blend the YouTube player into your site, you can also customize
the color scheme and layout as well as choose from three different
player sizes. If you're looking to build "stickiness" with your
visitors, show quality YouTube partner video on your site, and earn
extra revenue along the way...

what is interesting is that instead of branding this offering differently, they decided to merge the offering within Adsense. That will help them get the initial critical mass pretty quickly. Smart move.

and goes without saying, the move will hurt quite a few startups, including MonetizeMedia, founded by a close friend of mine.

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Online Video Service said...

Today, there are so many options to stream video, including DaCast, Ooyala and Bright Cove just to name a few.

This market is huge and getting larger by the day. Not only with more competitors but also with more companies and individuals taking advantage of it. The ad supported videos are one way, but also the ideal of premium, pay per view content has to be integrated as well. We are at a crossroads, and it will be of intrigue to see how it all plays out.