Saturday, August 18, 2007

naked profiles

Read the story about facebook on mercury news today.

" Four out of 10 users of Web site Facebook unwittingly expose themselves to the risk of identify theft and virus attacks, according to a new study that underscores growing concerns among security experts about online social networking."

you know what I fear the most in this web 2.0 craze, a backlash. And we are all too smart to never underestimate the backlash of the masses. If there is one thing that can puncture the bubble (geez, I meant the euphoria), that would be backlash against loss of privacy individuals/families/mom and pop shops might feel against. Even MSNBC is talking about the dangers of online predators.

As web 2.0 penetrates the masses, crime (and spam and ogling) sophistication will increase. When it will start hurting, there is going to be backlash (like against pop up blockers, spam), people will start educating themselves about how to behave on social networks.. but it might be too late for some.

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