Friday, October 26, 2007

SPAN SUMMIT LIVE: Virality Session for facebook apps

Panelists: Jia Shen (Rock you), Dave McLure, Keith (Growing Gift), Mark Kantor
Moderator: Susan Wu (Charles River)

Points made so far:

  1. Virality is: Conversion rate which gets 1 user to invite x. where ideally x>10, but definitely should be > 1
  2. Popular idea today: Send a message.. don’t tell them what it is. Or have a gift, get them to click before they can see it.. or make them wait a few days.
  3. Viralness is different from stickiness.
  4. Active users include app additions. Track how many are returning users vs new users
  5. You can wait to reach out to users who have added the app after rolling out the app
  6. Focus on your active suers. Active -> initial installs and invites following that. Passive -> ocassional users
  7. Ease of development allows you to take a chance.. many developers
  8. Missing features: Discovery of apps. Best way to do that is to see my friend using the app
  9. Get yourself on the minified
  10. Get them to send targeted invites, not just random invites
  11. Analytics: You get to track from beginning to know what to fix.. notifications, clicks, invites, engagement.
  12. First 10, 20 clicks are most important in understanding if the app will grow
  13. Then try out A/B testing. Do Mathematical modeling. Multi variant testing. Grab demographic data and then see which ones do what. Per install, per click what happens
  14. Dave rants again about Acquisition, Retention, Monetization
  15. Humor: Susan said.. is developing facebook apps is like investing in Chinese stock market J . Dave: Big market, opportunities
  16. Graphics in feed. Call for action in the profile
  17. Copy the techniques from slide/rockyou
  18. Use fbnames in the actual message..
  19. Any interactions with multi user .. fan out effect.. feed prioritization
  20. Invite optimization: in new system. It is harder to track, can send 20 (average invite per user= 14). User has to pick. Dave says that’s hurting developers.. not sure why facebook is limiting. Keith: fb raised the bar that user has to be passionate abt app now.. because they got to select each user. Dave: danger.. fb users might be getting tired of spamminess, hence the move. Fb profiles are beginning to look like mysoace profiles.. –ve effect
  21. Jia: invite rates are tailoring down.. User profile is their social capital. In the beginning, it was converting crazy. Last 3 months, things have been same
  22. Mark (kickflip): Strive towards 100% acceptance, hide the message, no single sign on experience, so they have to add the app
  23. Major stats attention: what do they care about

a. Mark: small apps, so focus on growth. Daily/weekly Time on canvas page is good metric for ad monetization

b. Keith: active users/day. engaging, what animals popping out of eggs..

c. Dave: over emphasize on metrics.. cpa might be better than impressions on facebook

d. Jia: Numbers are bragging right. Actual stats which you care about are different.

e. Susan: engagement metrics should be different for different apps.

f. Jia: Uninstall rates: 10-20% uninstall rates.

  1. Top things to take care about: Notifications, profiles are better for growth for new apps.. feed still up in the air. Optimizing notification to friends. Make invite personal. Notification should call for action. Channels: invite, mini feed, name of app, profile action (default profile action.. what other users see when browsing). . use sexiness
  2. Kiss me, dodge me: new apps by Stanford Dave’s class
  3. Spam tune. Never send more than 1 notification per user per day. Wait to unblock. Notifications sit for ever..
  4. Audience: primarily N. America, UK. Facebook just announced they are localizing
  5. Analytics tools used: Google analytics, page tagging. Otherwise custom sql statements, log watch. Dave: Google anaytics.. introduced log events for rich media
  6. Other SN: Reprioritize based on developments
  7. Team structure
    1. Mark: 5 full, 2 partime, 1 business, 1 ad
    2. Jia: 20 ppl, 5 business
    3. Dave: 25 teams of 3
    4. Keith: 2 full, 3 partime, 2 developers.
  8. Focus on creative side of apps. If you are not equally excited, that’s too bad.

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